The Complete Commander eBook

I had the opportunity to serve as Editor and Producer of an awesome book project about the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering. Working with my dear friends Bennie Smith of Star City Games and graphic designer James Arnold, we published a comprehensive multiplayer how-to that also includes original Commander-themed fiction and community stories of epic tabletop battles.

"If you're only going to read one book about Commander, read this one. Bennie Smith cuts to the heart of the format and exposes it like no one else could."—Sheldon Menery, Judge Emeritus and Co-founder of the Commander format

Download a free sample chapter of The Complete Commander by Bennie Smith!

Sheldon Menery
Adam Styborski
AE Marling
John Dale Beety

Moxymtg Token Collection at Cardamajigs (Out of Print)

My friends at have partnered with me and other community cosplayers and artists for their MTG tokens! Known for their quality MTG tokens, Cardamajigs featured my cosplays as part of their Artist Tokens series in 2016.