Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#SCGSEA Vorthos Photo Diary

Note: This post contains a lot of pictures of people. If you see friends you know, please tell them they're here and to let me know if they want their name in the caption so I can credit them. Alternately, if you see yourself and prefer your photo not be used, please feel free to let me know, as I didn't have time or means to contact everyone about possibly using their photo before this went up. Thank you!

Last time I went to SCG Seattle it was as an alterist. This time it was as a writer. For the first time in the 2.5 years since our son was born, Hackworth and I were taking a grownups-only trip. I was nervous about leaving my boy, but when I explained the weekend to him he was, to my surprise and chagrin, completely unperturbed and if he was old enough to do the not impressed face he probably would have.

"Mama will bring you back a special present," I offered, still feeling guilty.
"Smarties," he said.

Let the road trippin' ensue.

Packing: Just the essentials. Already opened a Jace AOT. For that issue of PW Weekly, click here.
Vorthos, baby. Can't do without the swag. Deck bag & dice pouches by Level 8 Seamstress. Buttons by Inkwell Looter.
On Pacific Northwest autumn mornings, even rest stops are gorgeous.
T-shirt Guildpact.
Deck bag by Level 8 SeamstressSchmazzgordios Guild scarf. Pretending I'm going to Salon Venus instead of SCGSEA.
Players do their last-minute shopping.
I sketched some 2-minute tokens after the hubby realized he forgot to buy some.
Husband Hackworth (left) and Travis "Dirty Red" Woo (right) get their Crucibles right. 
Reuben Bresler, Newsening Master, sits down with Travis to do some Quick Questions
Those Azorius Justicars actually do work hard at these events. They did not sit around drinking port.
Officially met the "patron saint of Red mages"--Patrick Sullivan! Insert fangirl screaming here.
Our event Overlords lay down the law. Love the Seattle player flavor! See the Gore and Zombieland shirts.
Lovely and talented Thea Steele chills before the battling begins.
The Vohwinkels set up Franz's booth.
Franz Vohwinkel. His Time Sieve is one of my favorite MtG art pieces.
rk Post and his Marketing Assistant Ana Maria get the wares ready.
After a rough Game 1, Travis Woo puts on the hat and gets serious.
Tamiyo presides over other Round 1 Feature Matches. That's the hubby on the back right. Lucky for him this photo doesn't capture his Stromkirk Noble misplays (heh, heh!).
The Feature Match scene during Round 1.
Yep, you guys never when or where I might be taking a picture.
Thea Steele sits down to sling spells on camera Round 2.
Thea eventually swept this round with ice cold play, it also didn't hurt that her opponent mulled to 4 Game 1--ouch!
Despite really high female turnout % in Seattle (compared to other cities), the ladies' restroom was still empty. We have a long way to go.
Players reassessing before Round 3.
Most of the interactions I saw were very polite and positive. Go Seattle!
A bit of Angelic flavor brightened the ceiling and softened the track lighting glare in the tourney room.
One day, you will be mine. Yes, that's it, come to mama...
Charismatic brewer Jamal Sims sits down with Reuben for his Angels and Demons deck tech.
Thea Steele and John Loucks dish between rounds.
Me and Liliana have a Filipina Diet Coke bonding moment.
Jamal looks for some divine favor from his Angels and Demons deck. Alas, those Angels can be fickle...
I powder my nose before going on camera with Reuben.
Let me tell you how it is.
Vorthos issues are serious business, folks!
rk Post's advertising board featured some alters he did for a Portland friend of ours.
Rob Alexander works on some alters. He has beautiful LOTR art in addition to his MtG portfolio.
rk Post gleefully convinces a customer to sell his soul to the darkness.
Alterist Eric Claar and his cute, kitschy tokens. I bought the Assassins.
Relaxing at the end of a long, awesome day. Went with a rather Selesnyan bottle of wine since we had Elvish bread and cheese for dinner. Those Elves at Whole Foods sure do charge an arm and a leg for their stuff.
Forbidden Love t-shirt by Inkwell Looter. Adore it, so comfortable. I'm wearing a Men's Small.
The hardest part of a road trip for Oregonians: Pumping our own gas lol.

It was an incredible weekend. I learned a lot watching feature matches, saw old friends, made new friends, lent moral support, and even got an "air fist-bump" from Cedric. I feel like the community came out really strong in Seattle and everyone, from artists to celebs to players to event staff, had a really positive, inclusive mindset and that made all the difference in the warmth of the environment.

Can't wait until next year. I heard I missed out on some casino shenanigans that happened Friday night, and I plan to get in on that. No one can next-level a casino buffet like MJ.

Till next time, may Magic be your great escape.


  1. I enjoyed the photo blog a lot. I am actually going to be doing something similar today at a TCG Player 5k. You should do something like this for GM too!!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to read yours. I will do it for GM probably at GP Portland. :)