Magic: The Gathering Fanfic

rated M for language, adult situations, alcohol, some bdsm references

author's note: hey, thanks for checking out my writing - to avoid any unwanted surprises, just want to let you know that these stories are intended for "mature" audiences and personal enjoyment, and works are not affiliated with or endorsed by wizards of the coast

Fifty Shades of Prey
Sorin Markov went to Zendikar to stop the awakening of the Eldrazi, but the vampire lord is surprised to discover he also has to deal with the awakening of his own heart.

Return to Argentum
Liliana Vess escapes with her life after a deadly battle with Garruk on Innistrad, and finds herself on a strange all-metal world, alone...That is, until she reanimates a particular zombie and sets world-changing events in motion.

Retribution in Ravnica

Venser accompanies his dark companion to the urban plane of Ravnica, where he quickly realizes that everything in the city is bad for his health: pyschotic spirits, religious fanatics, fulgent planeswalkers, friends' ex-boyfriends and Elder Dragons, to name a few. The artificer must decide how to engineer his own destiny, even though he has no idea what that destiny holds - or what he wants from it.

Interlude IV: The Bluest Light, the Wildest Dreams
Interlude III: Bed of Lies
Interlude II: New Slang