Friday, August 26, 2011

Nin, the Pain and Pleasure Artist - Final

A challenging commission, but incredible concept by the client. Very happy with the results. Making her four arms visible was one of the specs, as was making her scars that are visible in the original full-size piece more visible on the card image. You'll see I changed her two-handed grip on her torture instrument to one-handed, bringing the lower right arm down to tighten her corset. Her upper left arm was then added to cradle Stuffy. Tons of detail and what felt like millions of instances of color matching made this quite the time-consuming alter. The runes on the face of the torture machine were incorporated on her gown. And I tried to really do Stuffy justice. When I finished this piece I forgot actually how much I'd added until I looked back at the original card. Whew! I think it worked out well, and now we can enjoy Nin in all her dark glamour and terrifying glory.

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