Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Better Late Than Never

So. Embarrassing. I still have content to post from SCG Seattle 2011. Here's the Lu Xun, next, maybe the Koths that took 8+ months. I laughed freely at Jeremy Froggatt's tales of taking nearly a year to complete alter commissions - but when I found myself in that same position, 18-month-old kid, husband doing MBA and working full time, me working close to full time - well, I stopped laughing. Or I laughed more, but sort of hysterically. I don't know which. Long story short, the impromptu layoff from writing and Magic was enlightening all-around. I learned 1) don't overcommit 2) don't give up what you love or what feeds you 3) baby poo comes in more colors, sizes, and textures than you could ever imagine 4) find a moment to sip a drink and be creative or you will lose your friggin' mind.


  1. All very true truisms... especially #4 ;)

    LOVE the Lu Xun, I have the original for my EDH decks and it's a very... dull-looking card. Perfect candidate to jazz up and make it exciting as you did so well!

  2. Love the alter - especially the nice touch of using Chinese characters for the power/toughness!!!!