Friday, May 27, 2011

My Little Pony Alters – WTH!

So I was prepping for an upcoming Gathering Magic article and came across some weird stuff. Apparently a Google search for “my little pony pics” takes you straight to Purgatory, where there is a thriving market for after-market My Little Pony ALTERS.

Yes. Just like with MTG card alters or fleshy survivors in New Phyrexia, Ponies are stripped down and re-formed with enhancements, augmentations, new colorization and other changes. The mastermind behind this? Finland artist Mari Kasurinen.

Does anyone remember the Pretty Parlor jingle? Here’s the parody: My Little Pony / Phyrexian Parlor / Sever the Flesh and Cut Your Hair

Take a look at some of these crazy My Little Pony alters. (Mari is Spippo on DeviantArt and @Mari_Kasurinen on Twitter).


  1. wth indeed! My favorite part is that Cthulhu-pony still has wings :)

  2. Lolz the awesomeness, I almost ordered one altered into The Joker. "Exactly how many My Little Ponies would it take to defeat Optimus Prime"?