Friday, June 3, 2011

Poll Results + Vote on 4th Jean Grey Alter!

Most of you prefer soda pop or an energy drink to fuel your MTG sessions.

Conley Woods tied with Unicorn, Gargoyle, and Throwback Character for your choice for Next New Planeswalker. It is likely that all of Conley Woods' abilities would be related to Land Death.

Please help me decide on which Marvel Girl outfit to use in the artwork for my Brainstorm playset. I'm taking 4 Masques Brainstorms and transforming them into: 1) Marvel Girl, 2) Jean Grey, 3) Phoenix, 4) Dark Phoenix

I'm considering the Marvel Girl outfits below. The alternate idea is to do Black Queen instead of Marvel Girl. Please vote to the right! Thanks for your help. The finished playset will be available through Don's Magic and Sundry, of course.

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