Friday, June 17, 2011

Memories of Psylocke. Captain Elektra!

I remember sitting on the bus, waiting for it to pull out of the parking lot of my middle school and hearing the boys in the back suddenly burst out in a collective geyser of pubescent laughter. Being the bad-ass that I am, I strolled back there to interrogate the little turds and since I was a nerd and a tomboy, convinced them to show me what they were furtively cackling over and obscuring behind their Starter parkas.

The Vietnamese guy had drawn a really excellent rendering of a well-known comic image: Psylocke, wet and fabulous, rising up with ecstatic, feral energy out of a pond or river or some other body of water.

He drew her topless, of course, and this was the source of all the masculine giggling.

Comic babes have such an allure. They drive people crazy, and rightly so. Now, I'm not too familiar with Elektra, except knowing that the Jennifer Garner-starring movie was a dramatic as well as visual travesty, so when Twitterites suggested I do my Sisay for Don's Magic and Sundry as Elektra, I was glad to have an excuse to look up her art.

Wow! Hot hot hot is all I can say. I chose an amazing piece by Mike Deodato to use as my reference. I really need to get a new camera, but I was very pleased with the results, and hope someone out there will enjoy using her as their kick-ass Commander!

Does this katana make me look well-endowed? Hell yes!

Hope you guys like it. She'll be available at The Sundry on/around June 23rd. Also, Don is planning to offer another altered card coupon discount soon, good for June 24-26, so if you know any friends who might be interested in this Sisay, tell them to listen to Don on the next episode of the Eh Team, where he'll reveal the discount code for next weekend!

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