Monday, June 13, 2011

Phoenix - er, Dallas! - Rising

"Old guys rule." That's what I thought when I watched the Mavs trample the Heat last night. Aside from being afraid that Cuban was going to spontaneously combust if his team took it down, I felt nothing but joy as Dallas steadily demoralized the Heat, increasing their lead and being patient, like pros, through the 4th quarter. I haven't heard any news of Mark Cuban jumping off of anything or imploding today, so I'll assume he's on cloud 9 but hasn't yet succumbed to his insanity. Good for you, Mark.

Here's what I worked on last night after the Finals. It still needs touchups like the rest, but I'm happy with it so far (might try to soften her bustline up a bit, looks like I got carried away last night—I blame it on the sake). And I might feel a little sorry for Miami (certainly for any of my Florida friends who were cheering for the Heat)...but when you have young guns who just lay down and die like Wade and LaBron did...well, old guys rule!!! :)


  1. First I see an altered Force of Will with Wolverine, and now this, Marvel fans rejoice. Great stuff. I'm also very happy Dallas took it, just ask my empty Scotch bottle.

  2. Another scotch drinker! Fabulous. Thanks for all the comments, had fun reading them, esp. the Ascension deck travails lol :)