Friday, September 28, 2012

A Very Merry !@#$% #mtg Halloween

So I'm a bit frustrated. I've always loved loved loved Halloween and used to put a lot of time and money into it. Now, I have no time and less dispensable income to dump into looking like Rei Ayanami. Last year I didn't do *bleep* for the holiday. My son was too young to get it, so we just skipped the whole thing. This year we're taking him trick-or-treating with a friend. She's going to be a Scarecrow, and he picked out a really cute Dragon costume today that I will pimp with some homemade additions.

But now, what do mom and dad do? First question is - are the other parents even dressing up? It would be highly awkward if my pal and her hubby show up in jeans and hoodies and @hackworth and myself come in greaves and wings, toting swords, staves, and enemy heads in addition to the requisite diaper bag.

I would really like to do a Magic related costume, but most are so complicated I just know I can't invest the time to make it look good. And complicated generally means expensive, too.

Now, I don't care about race when designing costumes. But different haircolor means wig, which means $$ outlay. Changing skin tones to Moonfolk white or Merfolk blue also are a pain I'm not going to endure. Angel wings won't fit in our tiny Toyota Matrix.

Practical issues! Parenthood! What?! Ach, can't complain. #vorthospeopleproblems.

So. Question. Do I cave and just do Azusa? Do you have better ideas? Would a Kamigawa chick be lazy and selling out or would it be nice? Am I overlooking some options?

Please comment or tweet @moxymtg and let me know. Thanks.


  1. You're the parent of a toddler, you're allowed to cut yourself some slack and not try and make some elaborate costume... at least until the boy is old enough to help you ;)

    Why not Azusa? She's hot :)

    1. Thanks for the input, I do need to chill about it. It was just one of those - "oh right, I have a new reality"... moments. Was just surprised I was feeling it kinda late (after 2.5 years of parenthood). I suppose those moments just keep happening though lol... I think Azusa might be realistic to achieve. :) Not too crazy but can still be a "hot mama"!

  2. Ofc, Glissa WOULD be badass...

    1. I know right!!! Maybe when he's in school lol.