Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Demon Inside by Andy Rogers

This week I'm pleased to feature a flash fiction piece and casual decklists by Moxy MTG's first guest writer, Andy Rogers. Let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter!

Ajani rolled out of the way of the blast. Black plague from the Lord of the Pit scorched the ground where
he had been only seconds prior. The pestilent smell turned his stomach.

“Curse the dark rituals that summoned you,” Ajani spat. “You’ll not reign anywhere in this plane while I
live to defend it.”

Since Jazal’s murder, pain and fear were constant companions. The only thing that kept Ajani from
succumbing to them was unrestrained anger. It was the fuel that burned the pyre of his inhibitions. The
desire for vengeance burned so hot that nothing would stand in the way of finding his brother’s killer.

Had Jazal been alive he would not have approved of the fiery recluse Ajani had become. He would’ve
said, “Hate consumes. Temperance is wisdom.” But Ajani believed that hate is exactly what would keep
him alive. Not even a demon lord could best him while he burned so hot.

The dark figure reared back to strike. Ajani leapt, sword in hand, and sunk his mageslaying blade deep
into the monster’s chest. In the same moment he felt his opponent’s claws rip into his back.

“Little lion cub,” the creature whispered. “You think you can kill me? You’re killing yourself.”

Ajani was confused, but he held a glare that would’ve leveled a weaker foe. He resolved never to flinch
in the face of evil again, even if it killed him. His days of taking it on the chin were over. They both bled
increasingly, plying their blades into one another.

“I am the fire inside you. Kill me and kill yourself.” Darkness surrounded them.

The demon’s hideous laughter still rang in his ears as Ajani woke, sweating. The night sounds of Naya
unsettled him. He’d slept in a forest clearing, careless of exposure in his exhaustion. Like a lost cub,
anyone could have found him.

But he was not a lost cub anymore.

He growled and scanned the shadows around him. They were empty. There had been no demon to slay.
No demon at all.

Or was he wrong?

Ajani ran deeper into the trees, wanting to put distance between himself and the place of his torment.
His vengeance drove him, even as his doubts increased.

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Lord of the Pit deck list:

4 Lord of the Pit
4 Deranged Assistant
4 Dregscape Zombie
1 Rotting Rats
1 Viscera Dragger
1 Etherium Abomination

2 Dark Ritual
3 Doom Blade
2 Forbidden Alchemy
2 Murder
2 Vapor Snag

1 Absorb Vis
1 Profane Command
2 Rise from the Grave
3 Tome Scour
2 Unburial Rites

1 Diabolic Servitude

3 Drowned Catacomb
7 Island
11 Swamp
3 Tainted Field

Ajani Vengeant deck list:

4 Ajani's Pridemate
4 Ajani's Sunstriker
4 Blade of the Sixth Pride
2 Healer of the Pride
2 Pride Guardian
2 Savannah Lions

4 Ajani Vengeant

1 Flash Conscription
1 Furious Resistance
1 Increasing Vengeance
3 Lightning Helix
1 Shattering Blow
1 Skullcrack
1 Stave Off
1 Stir the Pride

1 Ajani's Mantra

1 Mob Justice
1 Titan's Revenge
2 Vengeance

4 Boros Guildgate
8 Mountain
9 Plains
2 Smoldering Spires


  1. Does the Lord of the Pit deck have enough pit sacrificial creatures? In the same vein, Diabolical Servitude seems like a delicious choice.

    1. Hi AE,
      How would you tweak the deck? I'd love to know. I played this deck a handful of times and it was only successful against mid-range or weak decks. Generally speaking, it lost as much as it won. I'm totally open to hearing about how to improve it.
      Thanks for reading!